Employee Benefits

Western Colorado University offers its employees a wide range of benefits, including options in health, dental and vision insurance; a variety of retirement plans; generous vacation time; educational opportunities; Mountaineer Field House discounts and more. Find much more information below.

Questions? Contact Human Resources at hr@anotatuempresa.com or 970.943.3140.

Benefits for All Employees


Fitness Center and Swimming Pool: All non-temporary employees and their dependents are eligible for Mountaineer Field House membership discounts. Membership options allow access to the campus Fitness Center, group fitness classes, indoor track, Aquatic Center, climbing wall, equipment rentals, field house courts and more. For more information, visit the Mountaineer Field House page.

Employee Assistance Program: All non-temporary employees are eligible for seven counseling sessions without charge every year through the Counseling Center, located on campus at Crystal Hall 104.

Tuition Waivers: After one year of employment, all non-temporary employees may apply for tuition waivers for up to six credits per semester (pro-rated for part-time employees).

Dependent Tuition Reduction国产偷拍视频: Dependents (of eligible employees) who are full-time undergraduate students at Western may apply to have the cost of tuition reduced/waived.

Extended Studies: Employees may enroll in one non-credit class each semester for free, with the exception of Extended Studies classes offered by outside agencies.

Scholarships国产偷拍视频: Western is a member of the , a competitive reciprocal scholarship program for dependents of eligible employees. Employees' dependent children may apply for the classified liaison council scholarship to attend Western.

Work-Life Discounts国产偷拍视频: The State of Colorado has arranged for employee discounts on a wide variety of goods and services through a service known as .

Voluntary Retirement Plans国产偷拍视频: All employees are eligible to establish voluntary, tax-sheltered retirement accounts with PERA’s 401(k), the State 457 Plan and/or the Four State Colleges 403(b).

Child Care Center: Tenderfoot Child & Family Development Center is a community daycare facility conveniently located adjacent to campus.

国产偷拍视频.)  Therefore, a mandatory retirement plan contribution is required to replace Social Security participation.

  • Colorado PERA (defined benefit plan) eligibility is limited to Faculty and Administrators who have previously participated in Colorado PERA and have at least one year of service credit with PERA.
  • Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DCPP) is the mandatory pension plan for employees not eligible for PERA. PERA-eligible employees may choose this plan, in lieu of PERA. The employee DCPP contribution is 8 percent of pre-tax income. The University contributes 11.4 percent to the DCPP and this match is 100 percent vested immediately. Fund sponsors are TIAA-CREF, Fidelity Investments and VALIC.

Sick Days: Both Faculty and Administrators receive paid time off for illness.

Vacation Days:国产偷拍视频 Administrators accrue four workweeks of paid vacation a year (pro-rated for part-time).

Holidays: 10 paid State holidays are available as paid time off for Administrators.

Benefits for Classified Employees


Eligibility: All non-temporary classified employees are eligible for benefits.

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance:国产偷拍视频 Voluntary health/vision (two plan options) and dental (two plan options) are available to cover employees and their families. Coverage is effective the first day of the month following date of employment. Both the employee and the University contribute to the premiums. Premiums may be deducted pre-tax.

Life Insurance: Group term life insurance is provided at a volume of $50,000. The University pays 100 percent of the premium.

Short Term Disability:国产偷拍视频 Offers income protection should an employee become unable to work due to a disability. Benefits include 60 percent earnings replacement for up to six months. The University pays 100 percent of the premium.

Flexible Spending Plan: Employees may contribute up to $2,600 to health care spending accounts and up to $5,000 to dependent care spending accounts every plan year. Contributions reduce taxable income.

Health Savings Account: For employees participating in the eligible high-deductible health plan, the state will contribute $60 monthly (tax-free) into the employee's account with its designated HSA trustee.

Optional Life Insurance:国产偷拍视频 Two types of optional additional group term life insurance are available for employees and their dependents through convenient payroll deduction.

Voluntary Long Term Disability: Employees may apply for long term disability insurance. After a six-month waiting period, the plan offers significant income protection, if an employee is unable to work due to disability. Employees pay 100 percent of the premium, if they are approved for this insurance.

Retirement Plan:国产偷拍视频 Employment at the University is not covered by Social Security, but the 1.45 percent Medicare tax is withheld. Colorado PERA (a defined benefit pension plan) is the mandatory employee retirement plan to replace Social Security. The employee contribution to PERA is 8 percent of gross pay and the University currently contributes 20.15 percent.

Sick Days: The annual paid sick leave allowance is 10 days per year.

Vacation Days: Paid vacation time accrues at the rate of 8-14 hours per month, depending upon the number of years employed.

Holidays国产偷拍视频: 10 paid State holidays are available as paid time off for Classified employees.

Administrative Leave: Up to 12 hours of administrative leave is available for volunteer work and up to 18 hours for dependents’ school functions each year.


Questions? Contact Human Resources at hr@anotatuempresa.com or 970.943.3140.